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11th International Conference
on Applied Hair Science

June 12th & June 13th, 2024

The Oyster Point Hotel, 146 Bodman Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701
🔴 Live Stream & Playback Available for Virtual Attendees
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Join us at Red Bank, New Jersey for the 11th International Conference on Applied Hair Science. This year the conference will run as a hybrid event.  You are welcome attend in-person, or to watch the event on-line (live and on playback).

The International Conference on Applied hair Science is the world-leading biennial conference for hair science, and, in 2022, attracted 625 registrations from around the world. 

The conference covers a wide range of aspects of hair science, including, hair biology, insights into hair structure, hair damage, and new methods & technologies.

Countdown to Conference

If you are interested in viewing all the presentations from the 10th International Conference on Applied Hair Science, held in 2022, please visit the TRI Library

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Conference Agenda
All Times Eastern Standard Time
Session 1 - Hair Biology
Wednesday, 12th June
Chaired by Mike Davis from Procter & Gamble

Introduction to Conference

Trefor Evans, TRI Princeton, USA

Plenary Science Sells: How the Evolution of Hair Care Journalism Led to 2024's Ingredient-Obsessed Consumer and Cosmetic-Chemist Celebrities

Emily Dougherty (Journalist)

The Sequelae and Moderators of Influence of Dandruff on Mental Health Among Mainland Chinese Adults

Christian Chan (Hong Kong University)

The Impact of Wash Frequency on Hair and Scalp Health

K.C. Locker (Procter & Gamble)

30-Minute Break

Dynamics and Organization of the Viable Skin Microbiome

Ellen Acosta (Yale University)

Exogen Revisited: Why We Should Care About Empty Telogen Hair Follicles

Gill Westgate (Consultant)

Posters - Part 1

Session 2 - Insights Into Hair Structure
Chaired by Ronak Rughani from L'Oréal

Plenary Spitting Hairs: A Biomechanics Analysis

David Taylor (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)

Hair Breakage: An SEM study

Trefor Evans (TRI Princeton)

New Structural and Mechanical Insights into the Cortex of Human Hair

Bernd Noecker (Kao Germany GmbH)

Investigation of the Structural Properties and Behavior of Frizzy Hair

Roger McMullen (Ashland Inc.)

Strange Sheep Twins and the Mystery of Hair Shaft Shape

Duane Harland (AgResearch)

A Kirchhoff Rod Model for the Morphogenesis of Curved Hair

Manuel Gamez Garcia (Fairleigh Dickinson University)

Posters - Part 2

Poster Presentations
Morning Session

Investigation into the Cortical Properties of Hair Through Targeted Lanthionisation

Joanne Mears (University of Leeds)

Dynamic Streaming Potential to Assess the Interaction of Haircare Formulations with Human Hair

Thomas Luxbacher (Anton Par)

Hair Flow – bridging Representation Gaps in Image Analysis to 3D Hair Generation

Sarah Jobalia (Stanford University)

Molecular Modeling of a Hair Surface by Coarse-Grained Simulation

Haidong Liu (Schrodinger)

Melanin Granules Removal Investigated by Light Microscopy in Asian Black Hair and European Brown Hair Related to Different Bleaching Treatments

Jessica Turner (TRI Princeton)

Surface Characterization of Natural Fibers and Determination of Fragrance Adsorption Isotherms by Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC)

James Donahue (Surface Measurement Systems)

Hair Fiber Aging Intricacies: Free Lipids

Vanessa Castro (TRI Princeton)

Cationic Guars for Advanced Styling

David Streuli (Ashland Inc.)

Providing Solutions for the Textured Hair Consumers: Maintaining & Extending Styles

Lexi Milano (BASF)

How Can a Common Picnic In the Park Cause Damage to Your Hair

Fernanda Malanconi Thomaz (Natura)

Poster Presentations
Afternoon Session

Test Methods and Validation of Heat Protection for Hair

Paige Engerer (Dow)

Old Dog, New Tricks: Using Image Analysis to Investigate Hair Breakage in Repeated Grooming Experiments

Louis Venanzi (TRI Princeton)

Inside Out Hair Damage and Repair

T’prene Clemons (Ashland Inc.)

Dry Shampoos

Susan Ayton (Atyon Global Research)

Investigations Into Split Ends Closure Test Method Improvement

Ayin Abegunde (TRI Princeton)

Simplifying Keratin Structure Determination in Hair Products – from Raw Material to Final Formulation

Lena Pyatski (Bio Tools)

Impact of Rinsing Times on Hair Conditioner Performance: Instrumental and Sensory Assessment of Different Cationic Conditioning Technologies

Tobias J. Futterer (Inolex)

Healthy Hair is Moisturized Hair

Sylvain Lataste (Ashland Inc.)

The Perfect Synergy Between Moringa Microproteins and Low MW Hyaluronic Acid

Dana Surick (Sharon Personal Care)

From Dry to Drenched: Giving the 3-Point Bending Test a Splashy Revamp on Wet Tresses

Xuzi Kang (TRI Princeton)

Session 3 - Hair Insults & Protection
Thursday, 13th June
Chaired by Mythili Nori from BASF

Plenary Consumer Damage Reality – Multiple Damage Sources

Jennifer Marsh (P&G)

Influence of Particle Parameters on Deposition onto Healthy and Damaged Human Hair. A Fundamental Study

Phoebe Tham (A-Star, Singapore)

Repeated Hair Combing: Analysis of the Length Distributions of Fiber Fragments as a Sensitive Tool to Assess Hair Resilience Towards Grooming and the Efficacy of Lubricating Agents

Thomas Davies (Bossa Nova Vision)

30-Minute Break

The Structural Specificities of Hair Melanins in Dark Bases

Grégoire Naudin (L’Oreal)

The Effect of Humidity on the Fatigue Behavior of Hair in a Constant Strain Experiment

Rebecca Lunn (Dia-Stron)

Damage and Conditioning on the Hair Surface

Yu Liu (Birmingham University, UK)

Session 4 - New Methods & Technologies
Chaired by Trefor Evans from TRI Princeton

What Can We Learn from the Kinetics of Moisture Sorption by Hair

Crișan Popescu (Consultant)

Fracture Analysis and Fracture Morphology of Hair After Strain Fatigue Failure Testing

Jessica Welzel (Henkel)

Moisture Uptake and Hairs’ Structural Changes Investigated by Small Angle Neutron Scattering

Giacomo Mariani (L'Oreal)

Nanometric Complexes of Negatively Charged Surfactants and Cationic Dextran Polymer: Morphology and Deposition on Hair

Hammad Faizi (Dow)

Unlocking Hair Secrets: Altering Scalp Hair Composition to Mimic Body Hair for In Vitro Hairy Skin Models

Ernesta Malinauskyte (TRI Princeton)

Plenary The Evolution of Keratin Proteomics 

Dr Jeff Plowman (Ag Research)

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