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Let's Talk Skin! Part 2 - Skin Materials Science: Biophysical Methods

The second in a series of expert seminars in skin science called TRI Talking Skin will take place on Wednesday 10th November with a talk from Dr David Moore (Research Director with Tioga Research) on the ‘Skin Materials Science: Biophysical Methods to Characterize the Skin Barrier’.

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Being terrestrial animals, we, as human beings, need a water barrier in our skin to protect us from dehydration. Our own water dam. We also need an effective skin barrier to keep-out harmful substances and pathogens. The skin barrier is, therefore, essential to life, and understanding how it works is vital for understanding skin disorders and how they can be prevented or treated.

Over the last 20 years we have developed, adopted, and utilized a range of biophysical methods and materials science approaches to characterize the skin barrier under a variety of conditions. Our experimental models have ranged from pure lipids or proteins, isolated skin cells, isolated stratum corneum, ex vivo skin and ultimately in vivo human studies when feasible. Experimental approaches have ranged from characterizing bulk properties and surface properties in normal and compromised skin and ranged from measurements on the molecular to the macroscopic length scale. This presentation will highlight some of these studies and methods to illustrate the utility of a “materials science” approach to skin barrier science both in understanding the substrate, and how it is changed when diseased or compromised, as well as informing the design and evaluation of technologies that protect or restore healthy skin barrier function.

Dr David Moore, FRSC, is an Adjunct Fellow at TRI Princeton. David has spent his scientific career in industry working in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, healthcare and personal care sectors in the USA and the UK. He is currently based in Edinburgh, UK from where he is Research Director responsible for Scientific Engagement and Business Development in Europe and Israel for Tioga Research, a San Diego based contract research organisation focused on the development and testing of topical Rx and OTC formulations.


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