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TRI or TRY Princeton?

Interesting historical trivia, as we celebrate TRI Princeton’s 90th birthday this year

Is TRI Princeton pronounced ‘TRI’ Princeton, or ‘try’ Princeton? Dr Rezma Shrestha recently

uncovered evidence that our founders actually preferred the latter.

Looking back at the very first edition of the Textile Research Journal, published in 1931,

Rezma discovered that some interesting, and humorous, debates were held on this subject

at the very first meeting of the Institute. Clearly some committee members were very

passionate about using the ‘try’ Princeton pronunciation. In fact, the secretary even created

a humorous marketing slogan for the new institute that played on the preferred

pronunciation: ‘If, at first, you don’t succeed, TRI again’.

It is nice to see that a good sense of humour existed in the Institute even right at the start!

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