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3rd Multi-Ethnic Hair & Scalp Care Symposium – New Student Discounts

The 3rd Multi-Ethnic Hair and Scalp Care Symposium will take place live and on-line (in a hybrid format), on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th June, 2023. This year, in-line with TRI’s charitable mission to support education & training in our industry, we are offering new discounts on registrations for students who wish to join the Symposium (details below). For general details about the scientific programme, click here. For registrations, click here.

TRI is a not-for-profit organisation, set-up over 90 years ago, to support industry through innovative research, education, and testing services. TRI supports education by delivering on-line courses, on-line seminars (TRI Talks), conferences and symposia, and through curation and sharing of all this knowledge in the TRI Library. TRI staff also provide lectures to university students in the UK and US, support for Masters’ projects, and training in laboratory skills through our internship programme. In addition to all this, in the future, TRI has plans to return to supporting PhD projects in partnership with universities.

This year, for the Symposium, we would like to offer students discounts on registration. Standard registration costs $400 per head, however, for students, this will be reduced to $200. We can also offer group registrations for students that will go as follows: 1-5 students ($600), 1-10 students ($1,120) and unlimited students from one institution ($2,240). For more information about these offers and how they can be applied-for, contact us at

For more information about TRI, please contact us.


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