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Autumn Conference Diaries


TRI scientists presented and participated in a number of important conferences during this Autumn.

Dr Samuel Gourion Arsiquaud (Director, Skin and Bio-Substrates) and Larry Senak (Principle Scientist, Skin and Bio-Substrates) presented their latest work on spectroscopy and the skin at the SciX 2022 conference (2-7th October, Covington, KY) in a presentation titled “FTIR and Raman Spectroscopies Applied in Cosmetic and Beauty Industry”. The SciX conference is a leading event for analytical chemists organised by the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) and attracted 900 delegates this year, which was close to pre-COVID levels. Next year the conference will take place in Sparks, Nevada on 8-13th October. Please contact us for more information about Samuel and Larry’s work.

Dr Ernesta Malinauskyte (Director, Hair Research) attended the 2022 Eastern Analytical Symposium held in Plainsboro, NJ (14-16th November). At the symposium Ernesta presented a paper, co-authored with Martyna Kwiatkowska (Intern, Hair Research), titled “Hair, Hair Follicle, and Sebum Lipids Evaluation Using HPTLC”. This year the symposium was focussed on diversity in analytical sciences, in terms of people and scientific approaches. The symposium attracted over 1000 registrations. For more information about Ernesta’s research on hair and skin lipids, contact us.

Finally, Dr Paul Cornwell (Director, Business Development) attended the 32nd IFSCC Congress in London on 19-22nd September. This year Paul, as a member of the UK and Ireland Society of Cosmetic Scientists was invited to participate in the conference Scientific Programme Committee and helped co-chair a session on hair science topics. The IFSCC Congress was a success with delegates coming from all over the world to view hundreds of high-quality presentations and posters on cosmetic science. Next year the conference will be hosted by the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists and will take place in Barcelona on 4-7th September.

For more information about TRI’s research capabilities, please contact us.

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