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Registrations Now Open for Skin Measurements & Claims Course 2023

The skin is the largest and fastest-growing organ in our bodies. Its water barrier properties are vital for our very survival, and its overall condition and appearance are essential to our health and wellbeing. It isn’t a surprise then that the skin care is the largest category in the cosmetics and personal care industry. The Principles of Skin Measurements & Claims course at TRI is designed for anyone involved in the development of new skin care products. The intensive three-day programme is designed for anyone who needs to build their knowledge rapidly in skin biology and microbiome, the measurement techniques used in the development of new skin products, and best practice in claim substantiation and experimental design. It will take place online on the 18th, 19th and 20th October 2023, live and on playback.

Registrations are Now Open ➡️ REGISTER HERE

ATR-FTIR imaging of corneocytes on tape-strips (taken from ‘Microscopy of the Skin’, Day 3 of the course)
ATR-FTIR imaging of corneocytes on tape-strips (taken from ‘Microscopy of the Skin’, Day 3 of the course)

Course Content

Day 1 (18th October) will introduce attendees to skin biology and the skin microbiome, and will feature our first guest speaker, Dr Kimberley Capone (Independent Consultant, US), a renowned expert on skin microbiome research. Dr Capone will take attendees through all the latest techniques available for characterising the skin microbiome and advise on how best to interpret the results.

The second part of Day 1 will introduce attendees to the laws and regulations that apply to cosmetics claim support, and how to start build a claims testing programme for new skin care products. The day will finish with a fun Kahoot! quiz to test attendees’ recall of the key points made in the day.

In vitro models, such as cell cultures, living skin equivalents and cultured follicles, are vital for the development of new skin products and claim substantiation. Day 2 (19th October) will focus entirely on the latest developments in the field of in vitro skin testing and will feature three guest speakers from leading, global skin research laboratories. Dr Elodie Gras-Lavigne (Neuron Experts, France) will update attendees on the latest developments in skin cell cultures incorporating neural cells for different skin applications. Dr Marta Bertolini (Monasterium Laboratories/QIMA Life Sciences, Germany) will then share the latest news in the development of cell and organ cultures for hair growth research. Finally, Dr Silvia Letasiova (MatTek Europe, Slovakia) will speak about the use of reconstructed human skin models for safety and efficacy testing. Day 2 will finish-off with a lecture from the TRI team on the design of in vitro skin penetration testing methods, and, of course, a Kahoot! quiz.

Day 3 will focus on the skin testing methods available from the skin and bio-substrates team at TRI Princeton. Lectures will cover spectroscopy testing, UV protection testing, skin moisture testing and microscopy of skin sections and skin cells.


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The Course and Continued Professional Development

The Principles of Skin Measurements & Claims course is designed to support personal training plans and continued professional development. All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course. Furthermore, there will also be an on-line self-assessment exam for attendees wanting to achieve a formal ‘pass’ certificate. All the course videos will be available to stream on-line for three months after the course, and slides for the presentations will also, where possible, be made available for further study.


Registration for the course costs $250 per person, and there is a 10% Early-Bird discount for registrations before Friday 15th September. There are some free places for attendees who are employees of TRI Member Companies. When these free places are taken there are still discounts for Member Companies. For more details visit the registration website.


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