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  TRI Talks 2023  
Hair, Skin & Nail Science & Claims Methods

October 25th + November 8th + November 29th + December 6th

Virtual Attendance | 🔴 Live & On Playback

TRI Talks aim to be engaging, informative and thought provoking. This year they focus on three very different product categories, hair care, skin care and nail care. Free to join.

Countdown to TRI Talks #4

TRI Princeton is a world-leading research institute focused on hair and skin testing for cosmetics, dermatology, and a wide range of other applications.

Hair Claims Testing

We offer a wide variety of analytical techniques to assess the functionality of raw materials and finished products on hair

Skin & Scalp Testing

Instrumental testing for pre-clinical and clinical applications.

Analytical Testing Platforms

TRI offers a wide range of analytical testing capabilities, including vibrational spectroscopy, liquid and gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, imaging & microscopy, and thermal analysis.


Cutting-edge scientific research and the development of new measurement techniques is part of TRI's historical legacy. It is still core to our mission today.


At TRI we are passionate about science. Sharing this passion with our members, industry professionals, and the community at large is a primary focus for our institute.

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