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A Soft Touch: Hair Softness Claims

Dr Trefor Evans, Institute Fellow and Director of Research, has published another, in a long line, of his famous articles on hair claims substantiation in Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine. This time Trefor focuses on hair softness.

The North American hair conditioner market is expected to reach $3.1 billion by 2023. Furthermore, hair conditioners account for 53% of the whole US hair care market. Despite this, one of the key end-benefits associated with hair conditioners, hair softness, has still not properly been characterized. In this article Trefor takes the reader through the latest developments in testing the flexibility of hair, including single fibre bending and torsion experiments. He also explains how hair water content and some formulation ingredients can affect fibre stiffness. In end, however, he explains that hair surface friction may be one of the main drivers for consumer perception of hair softness. Clearly, there is still much more to learn about this very important and illusive attribute. Please contact Trefor if you are interested in hair softness claims (



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