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Hidden Remains: New Publication on Skin Deposition from Hair Care Products

Dr Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud, Director Skin & Biosubstrates, has, together with Iris Rubin MD, the founder of SEEN Hair Care, been investigating what gets left behind on your skin after you use hair products.

Remains of hair shampoo and conditioner on scalp skin cells removed by tape-stripping .

Have you ever wondered what gets left behind on your scalp, face and back after you have used a hair product? This may be more than of academic interest. Dermatologists believe that product deposits may have an important role in the development of conditions such as scalp acne. Using the advanced spectroscopy tools available at TRI, Samuel, and his team, were able to detect the remains of hair products on the skin surface. Results showed that rinse-off products are not completely removed by washing. In addition, the presence of residues from leave-on products on the skin increases with time as product is transferred from the hair. Further work is needed now to investigate the effects of these hidden remains on scalp condition. For more information, and a copy of the full article contact Samuel (



Rubin, I.K. and Gourion-Arsiquaud, S. Deposition and Retention of Hair Care Product Residue Over Time on Specific Skin Areas. Journal of Drugs in Dermatology 119 (2020)

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