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Seasons Greetings from TRI

Happy Festive Holiday followed by a Highly Successful & Happy New Year on behalf of the whole TRI Family.

Dear Friends,

We can say without fear of contradiction that irrespective of your US political bias, 2020 has been quite an unprecedented year for us all across the World, in almost every country and every individual, black or white, tall or short, thin or not so thin. But as we bring the curtain down on this second millennium decade, we must look back and thank our lucky stars we reached 2021.

We in TRI have suffered the same pains as you our friends and clients but we continued to support our friends as best we were able, and you also helped us to continue to serve and to grow. Grow we have, with new visions, new virtual platforms and a desire to continue to support our Industry and you, our clients.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your loved ones and your colleagues, wherever they may be, a most relaxing and comfortable Festive Holiday. Stay safe & healthy and cherish those loved ones as you join together and wish the new year of 2021 and hope that this brings us all human relief, personal happiness and collective successes as move forward together in peace and harmony.

Best wishes,

Dr David Graham

TRI President

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