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600+ Rounds of Applause for Hair Conference

Despite the challenges imposed by the COVID pandemic, TRI hosted another major, global hair science conference in June this year. The 10th International Conference on Applied hair Science attracted 625 registrations from scientists all over the world. Sessions can still be viewed by attendees on playback until mid-September, thereafter they will be transferred to the TRI Library as a box set.

New hair follicle models, pigments made from melanin nanoparticles, swelling and softening behaviour of plant fibres and the surface wetting of fibres. Attendees of the 10th International Conference on Applied Hair Science were treated to 37 high-quality presentations on these and many other interesting and stimulating subjects. Many thanks the presenters for the hard work put into the podium presentations and the posters. We would like, in particular, to thank our Keynote speakers, Mike Philpott, Ali Dhinojwala, Nicolas Le Moigne, Stephane Corn, and David Seveno.

A round of applause too to our sponsors this year. Gold Sponsors, Church & Dwight and L’Oréal, and Silver Sponsors, Procter & Gamble, Dyson and BASF. We could not hold this conference without your valuable support. Thanks also to our exhibitors Surface Measurement Systems, Bossa Nova Vision and Diastron.

Finally, thanks too to our Scientific Advisory Board (Crisan Popescu, Jennifer Marsh, Lucien Bildstein, Roger McMullen, Tom Dawson, Trefor Evans and Yann Leray) and our back-stage events team (Eleanor Lehman, Ivana Martin, Marcella Garbara and Paul Cornwell). Clearly, it takes lots of collective effort to create a big event like this!

If you are interested in viewing the presentations from last year’s conference, browse the box sets in the TRI Library.


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