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The Latest at TRI

A New Window Into TRI

A new website for TRI Princeton, including a new on-line library.

We are pleased to announce that, this month, TRI launches a new website and on-line library. Try it at

The new website features much more news about what is happening in TRI from week-to-week. News items will also be shared with subscribers on a new, monthly e-mail Newsletter. The website also features more information about the services TRI provides in hair testing, skin testing, research and education. Many thanks to Ivana at Nightsun Creative ( ) for developing the site with us. Thanks too to the TRI team for all the hard work involved with generating the new photos, videos and text for the site.

A key new component of the website is the TRI Library. This replaces the ‘members’ section on the old site. The TRI Library holds videos, slide presentations, reports and papers produced by TRI, in an easy to search platform (provided by Tizra, Anyone browsing the internet can access and search the library, but only TRI member companies and library members get access to the content. Member companies get full access to all the content, including Consortia Reports and Research Notes. Library members can access evening seminar and TRI Talks material. This is a very exciting development for TRI, giving everyone a much better window into the huge store of knowledge held at the Institute. Please contact us if you would like to join as a member company or library member.

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Excited to see the new site finally in action!

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