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A Summer Intern's Experience of Working at TRI

As a young aspiring individual in the field of cosmetic science, TRI has given me a home away from home where can I inculcate infinite knowledge about the industry among some of the smartest minds.

I recently joined TRI, in the summer of 2022, and have absolutely treasured every part of my experience so far. I never imagined being a part of an organization such as this one. As an ambitious international student in the United States, I have always fancied getting pragmatic opportunities along with pursuing my degree in Chemistry. TRI has been a safe space to express my identity. I was able to discover new hair techniques and methods, along with an encouragement of several supportive people. In my opinion, TRI has a great team of inspiring adults. Here at TRI, I realized that is okay to ask for help. Everyone helped me learn certain techniques, that they master at individually, to encourage me to overcome my goals and tasks.

The space at TRI is inspiring for young adults like myself. I loved skimming around the books we have here at TRI library. It was amazing to work in the labs at TRI, surrounded by beautiful trees and a river, on a research topic you passionately like.

Swimming Pool Water Study

Ernesta, my supervisor at TRI, is the most creative person I have met. She’s effortlessly smart, almost every time, and is also the one who motivated and instructed me to successfully carry out this study. Through this study, we observed and calculated the effect of the chlorine in pools around us on the texture of our hair by using different combing techniques. We got some interesting findings of prevention, such as specific controls of oils and conditioning, that we could use to protect our hair from getting damaged and brittle even by a casual swim in water.

I am also currently working with Ernesta on a color study which would inculcate the effects of chlorine and copper sulphate on our hair which often concern the visual appearance of the hair. I am very excited to share my findings soon at a TRI Research Forum as a summer intern at TRI.



If you are interested in an internship in 2023 contact TRI through the Contact Us section of the website

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