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Book Club for Cosmetic Scientists

This month Dr Paul Cornwell from TRI Princeton took part in an on-line panel discussion organised by the IFSCC about the new book ‘Discovering Cosmetic Science’

Why bother writing a book introducing people to world of cosmetic science? That was the question posed by the moderator, Perry Romanowski (Education Chair, IFSCC) at the Webinar organised by the IFSCC on 2nd December. It turned-out that there were many good reasons that had driven Steve Barton (Editor, and Past President and Fellow of the UK Society of Cosmetic Chemists) to create this unique book. Everything from educating the public and the media on the science behind designing and manufacturing cosmetic products, to encouraging young people to think of a career in the industry, to dispelling some of the myths and fake news about cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients that exist on the internet. To the full discussion and debate go to

Those on the panel were Steve Barton (Skin Thinking Ltd), Paul Cornwell (TRI Princeton), Rachael Polowyj (IMCD), Jane Cunningham ( and Emma Meredith (Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumery Association, UK).

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