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Efficacy of Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

What makes an effective natural ingredient that is suitable for cosmetic applications? Dr Marcella Gabbara from TRI gave an very detailed answer to this question last month at an on-line seminar hosted by the International Society of Phytocosmetic Science (ISPS)

Dr Gabarra’s extensive review of the current literature revealed that natural products can offer multiple benefits, including skin antioxidant effects, skin hydration, skin UV protection, skin anti-aging, skin oiliness control, skin penetration enhancement, modulation of hair growth, skin lightening and hand hygiene. In the presentation, Dr Gabarra shared data from some of her own research on Guarana extract, a popular ingredient for cosmetics and for soft drinks.

Dr Gabarra pointed-out that it is essential to evaluate both the efficacy and safety of natural ingredients before using them in cosmetic products. Furthermore, due attention has to be paid to cosmetic claims regulations, since many natural ingredients could be classified as drugs.


A copy of the presentation can be found in the TRI Library
Library members and TRI Member Companies can download the slides.
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