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FTIR & Raman Spectroscopy Workshop

Dr. Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud and the Skin and Bio-substrates team at TRI will be hosting a day-long workshop on ‘FTIR and Raman Spectroscopies Applied in Cosmetic and Beauty Industry’ at the SciX Analytical Sciences Conference in Covington, Kentucky that runs from 2-7th October. The workshop will run on Thursday, 6th of October from 9am to 4pm.

Visit the conference website to register

Vibrational Spectroscopy has been a mainstay in the cosmetics and personal care industry for many years. These versatile techniques can be used at different levels from advanced research to marketing and from claims substantiation with ex-vivo experiments to clinical evaluations. The introduction of hyperspectral imaging in both microscopic FTIR and microscopic confocal Raman has created the perfect tool for studies in these areas including skin, hair, scalp, and nail. Both active concentrations and information of both molecular and biological structures can be obtained with spatial resolution plus a myriad of applications for both cosmetics and biomedical sciences.

The TRI workshop will cover:

Skin Evaluation Use of spectroscopy in the evaluation and visualization of exogenous substance penetration into the various dermal layers, along with their effects on barrier layers, hydration, lipid organization, and NMF levels. Plus, the evaluation and comparison of skin products (sunscreen, moisturizer, etc..).

Hair Evaluation Application of spectroscopy to investigate structural hair damage through insults like bleaching and UV-damage. Also, the evaluation of various treatments, in terms of the penetration and diffusion of products into the hair fiber, as well as their effects on hair structural components.

Scalp and Nail Testing Spectroscopy-based methods for the 3D mapping of the scalp health, including the effect of treatments and shampoos on the scalp. Plus, methods for mapping and visualizing of the structural layers of the nail and assessing the penetration of actives.

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