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Join the Movement: Sponsors Urgently Required for Hair Movement Project

Sponsors are currently being sought for a new consortium project starting in 2021 which

aims to develop a new, industry standard, hair movement claims support test. Contact us as

soon as possible for information on how to get involved.

Healthy hair is usually right at the top of the hierarchy of consumer needs for hair care.

Consumers with straight or wavy hair want their hair to swish and swoosh with life and

vitality. Despite this, there is, as yet, no industry standard method for testing the effects of

hair products on hair movement. This is why TRI Princeton have teamed-up with a leading

equipment supplier, Bossa Nova Vision , to develop a

new laboratory test for the industry.

There will be many challenges to overcome in our project. Hair movement is a tricky area.

There are still many experimental parameters to decide on. For example, the choice of hair

length, hair weight/density, and the speed at which the hair is moved. Then there is the

technical characterization of the tress movement and the image analysis software that

needs to be developed. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, there is understanding the effects

of important variables such as fibre thickness, curliness, stiffness, surface friction and

surface cohesion.

TRI Princeton and Bossa Nova Vision have already made great steps in building the

understanding required to build this new assay, and an instrument called the ‘Hula’ is

already available to buy. Dr Trefor Evans presented the latest results in an on-line TRI Talk

in June titled: ‘Attempting To Quantify Hair Motion’

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