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Lipids & Hair Breakage In Textured Hair: A Call for Sponsors

This week a new, 5-minute video is launched describing TRI’s plans for a new consortium research project focussed on Lipids and Hair Breakage in Textured Hair. TRI is calling for sponsors to help fund this important work.


Watch the Presentation

The aim of the project will be to investigate what lipids and hair oils can do to strengthen Walker Type 4 (textured) hair. This work is urgently needed by both consumers and the industry. Despite the heavy use of hair oils by textured hair consumers and the large future business potential in this product category, big scientific questions remain still about how internal hair lipids affect hair strength, and whether supplementing hair lipids with hair oils can really enhance the strength of textured hair.

Consortium projects at TRI offer companies the opportunity collaborate, anonymously, with several other sponsors, on a research project. They give businesses exclusive access to the latest results for a fraction of the price of a study directly funded by one sponsor. By pooling resources, consortium projects, also create large enough budgets to really start tackling important research questions for our industry. TRI Princeton is a not-for-profit research institute dedicated to supporting industry through research, education, and testing services. Pulling together investors to fund important research for consumers and the cosmetics industry is part of TRI’s charitable mission.

For this project on Lipids and Hair Strength for Textured Hair, TRI is looking for 12 sponsors, each providing $45,000 for the study. With investment too from TRI’s own research funds, we aim to build a total project budget of $675,000. Enough to provide the equipment and the several staff needed to complete all the work in 12 months.

If you are interested in working with us on this exciting project, please contact us.

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