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New for Hair & Skin Testing: The World's Smallest FTIR

We welcome the littlest new addition to TRI’s family of spectroscopy instrumentation, but don’t let its diminutive size fool you!

With the acquisition of the world’s smallest benchtop FTIR—the Agilent Cary 430, TRI can now bring its spectroscopy capabilities to wherever needed. With a portable, compact unit that can literally fit on the palm of your hands, TRI now offers more flexibility and versatility in its spectroscopy measurements and analysis, without compromising data quality.

TRI has continued to offer a wide range of testing methods and advanced analysis based on its expertise in vibrational spectroscopy. The Remspec fiber-optic spectroscopy system enabled us to directly analyze scalp and other skin tissue, advancing applications in pre-clinical and clinical settings. The Cary 430 FTIR will similarly provide us with opportunities to develop novel applications—the world is now TRI’s proverbial oyster.

Equipped with a diamond ATR accessory as well as a standard transmission module (with the option to add further sampling accessories), the Cary 630 FTIR is easy to use, extremely fast and reliable. Diminished size here does not equal diminished quality.

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