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Online Symposium Receives Great Feedback

The ‘TRI/ITC Multi-Ethnic Hair and Scalp Care Symposium’, held on-line on 4th, 5th and 6th October, has received tremendous, positive feedback from attendees.

The symposium co-organized by TRI Princeton and the International Trichology Congress ran over three days, with a poster session on day 1, and with keynote lectures on days 2 and 3(see for more info.). We had 200+ attendees on most days, coming from all around the world and from both trichology and cosmetic science backgrounds. The subjects covered were very diverse, including; hair science, scalp conditions and treatments, scalp microbiome and formulation science. Over the next few weeks our blogs will review the big messages coming out of the meeting. You can view the abstracts for all the presentations at . Only those registered at the conference can re-read the slides and view the videos.

Here are some comments from delegates made at the end of the symposium;

“Excellent online event! Very interesting topics from porosity to microbiome! Congratulations!!”
“Amazing and inspiring speakers this year, covering some really fascinating topics (especially microbiome!). Although this year’s event has been virtual, it hasn’t really impacted on the quality of the content and the overall experience. Thoroughly enjoyed all 3 evenings”
“Awesome collaboration ITC and TRI! Thank you so much for adapting the event so that it could be attended online. All fascinating speakers…brilliant!”
“This has been one of the best symposiums of 2020 and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the presenters and their presentations…”

For more information about hair and skin science, and information about future events, visit us at

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