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The Latest at TRI

Summer Internship at TRI

Leila Sorrells is a Biomedical Engineer from South Florida University, and, last year, she partnered with TRI Princeton on a project to create a single fiber friction instrument, managing each step from developing the design through to the final fabrication. Leila worked for 10 months on her project in Florida, and in this summer, she was able to join TRI team in New Jersey to continue her work. We hope that this project will provide TRI members with a new and better way to test hair fibers.

Leila also worked on repairing and updating TRI’s single fiber torsion instrument, which has allowed easier data analysis. She also introduced TRI to 3D printing, a technique we are now able to use to create custom parts for research. We are excited about this new frontier and what it offers both our team and our company members.

Leila will now pursue her MS in BME from Columbia University, starting this Fall, where she hopes to continue pursuing personal care research and innovation.

We look forward to continuing working with Leila and wish her the best of luck for the future!


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