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Supporting Students During Lockdown

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, TRI has continued to work with students enthusiastic about cosmetic science.

TRI has many requests every year from students all over the world asking to join us for summer internships and research placements. We also have many requests to help co-supervise undergraduate and post-graduate student projects. The COVID situation this year, however, has meant that we could not work directly with students and we have had to be a very creative in the ways that TRI could help.

Vanessa Castro is a third-year undergraduate chemistry student at Pennsylvania State University with a real passion for cosmetic science and was interested a summer internship at TRI. We couldn’t arrange an on-site role, so this summer Vanessa has been working remotely, helping us to add material to the TRI Library. She has done a fantastic job, indexing and uploading hundreds of TRI research reports. Take a look at her work at . Dea Zhilivoda is also passionate about cosmetic science and is completing a master’s degree in Cosmetic Science at Liverpool John Moores University, UK. The COVID epidemic has meant that laboratory-based projects for students at Liverpool had to be cancelled. Instead, Dea has worked remotely with Paul Cornwell from TRI on a literature review on hair conditioning ingredients. Four months and many Zoom meetings later, Dea has submitted her dissertation on time and to very high standard. We all wish her the best of luck for her final marks!

TRI’s commitment to education continues, with new projects and collaborations starting this academic term. Fingers crossed we can fully open our doors to students again in 2021.

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