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TRI At Virtu-Wool Conference

This month Dr Trefor Evans from TRI presented his work at an on-line version of the International Wool Research Conference.

COVID-19 and the associated lock-down has made things very difficult for conference organisers. However, many scientific associations have now started to embrace on-line events. These make international conferences much more accessible and affordable to scientists around the world and also help reduce carbon emissions. This year the International Wool Textile Organisation ( moved their International Wool Research Conference on-line. The event, hosted by AgResearch in New Zealand, ran over two sessions, on 26th and 27th August, and attracted a wide range of presenters and attendees from around the world. Dr Evans represented TRI and presented on ‘New insights into hair breakage from single fibre fatigue experiments’. For those who missed Dr Evans’ presentation, a copy will be made available in the TRI Library for TRI Member Companies ( ).

The International Wool Research Conference will hopefully return as a live event in 2021, but Virtu-Wool has shown what is possible in the new on-line world. Nothing will be quite the same again.

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