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TRI Hair Conference: Going All On-Line

TRI has announced that the 10th International Conference on Applied Hair Science will no longer be a hybrid (live and on-line) event but will now run 100% on-line. The event will be streamed live the week of 6th June 2022 while also being available for later “on demand” viewing. Event updates will be regularly posted on the TRI website - including registration details, sponsorship details, speakers, session schedules, etc.

The ongoing health crisis continues to adversely impact and affect our lives and our plans. It

was our intention to make this year’s 10th International Conference on Applied Hair Science

our first hybrid event, where participants could reconnect in person or join virtually.

However, the current unprecedented worldwide surge in infections casts major doubts on

viability. Sizable logistical efforts are involved in organizing this event (irrespective of the

format), but this labor is magnified further by a need to also consider various contingency

plans. For this reason, we feel it is appropriate to make the unfortunate decision to again

move the conference to a completely virtual format.

Last year’s 9th iteration of this event was our first attempt at a virtual conference and

attracted over 1,000 registrants. We are confident, therefore, in our ability to coordinate

such an event and incorporate acquired learnings to further improve the experience.

Take a look at the presentations from the Hair Conference last year in the TRI Library

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