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TRI Talks Back October 12th – ‘Do Bond Builders Really Repair the Hair?’

A series of four TRI Talks will take place in October and November, focused on hair science, and starting with a seminar on bond builders for hair. The on-line seminars are free to join. Click here to register for the series of talks and to access playbacks.

Since starting in April 2020, at the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the TRI Talks have regularly attracted 200+ registrations from all around the world. To look at previous talks go to the TRI Library. This year the TRI Talks will feature a series of four, free seminars focused on the latest developments in hair science, presented by expert speakers from TRI Princeton, and will be available to watch live or on playback. For the first time the presentations will be streamed live from TRI's facilities in Princeton, giving you the chance to feel even closer to the speakers and the event. Questions will be taken from both on-line and live attendees. Also, for the first time, the talks will be captured on a dedicated event website, allowing you to easily replay any talks that you have missed. Ideal, for colleagues in different time zones! Talks will be held on the website for 2-3 months, after which they will be transferred, as usual, to the TRI Library.

The series kicks-off on October 12th, with a talk titled ‘Do Bond Builders Really Repair the Hair?’. Here, Dr. Paul Cornwell (TRI Princeton), will attempt to get to the bottom of the facts about bond builders for hair and what effects they might be having inside the fiber.

The second talk, on October 26th, by Dr. Trefor Evans (TRI Princeton), will focus on the ‘The Nebulous World of Hair Damage’. Hair damage can be described in many ways, and, in this talk, Trefor will describe how all these different types of damage can be measured, and how they may be masked, or even reversed.

Hair porosity is, of course, one important manifestation of hair damage and something of great consumer concern. In the third talk, on November 9th, Dr. Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud (TRI Princeton) will describe a novel method for characterizing the porosity of the hair fiber, by measuring active diffusion with FTIR imaging spectroscopy. This talk will be titled ‘Innovative method to evaluate hair porosity by investigating active diffusion along single hair fiber’.

Last, but not least, will be a seminar focused on hair lipids. This talk, on November 30th, by Dr. Ernesta Malinauskyte, will pose the intriguing question ‘What kind of lipids do we seek for hair?’. A very good question!

All these TRI Talks are free to join and to access for playback, just register for the series here.

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