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TRI Talks Start Again in March

Following the success of our TRI Talks last year, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering a brand-new series of TRI Training talks in March, April and May 2021.

TRI Training will offer bite-sized chunks of essential, basic training on specific cosmetic science topics from experts at TRI Princeton. As last year, the talks will be free to join live, and also available afterwards in the TRI Library ( for library members and TRI member companies.

The series will start on Wednesday March 10th with a session titled “Creating Good Cosmetics Claim Support: Following the Rules”. This presentation, given by Dr Paul Cornwell from TRI, will focus on the laws in the EU, UK and US that must be complied with for claim support. It will also describe the various advertising standards bodies in these markets and the rules that they apply, including requirements for pre-clearances. Finally, it will cover area of inter-company disputes and class action lawsuits. In each of these areas the possible financial penalties or sanctions for non-compliance will be discussed. The presentation will finish with a thought about benefit vs risk. It is in the nature of ambitious cosmetics companies to make the strongest claims possible, but stretching the rules comes with increased business risks.

Other TRI training talks will cover:

  • Creating Good Cosmetics Claim Support: Designing the right claims experiments

  • Repeated grooming (breakage) tests

  • FTIR and Raman spectroscopy tests to measure active penetration into skin and hair

  • Differential scanning calorimetry experiments on hair.


For more information about TRI contract testing services, training and research visit

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