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Let's Talk Skin! Part 1 - Skin Applications of Raman Microscopic Imaging

A new series of expert seminars in skin science called TRI Talking Skin starts on Wednesday 13th October with a talk from Prof. Richard Mendelsohn (Rutgers University, NJ) on the ‘Skin Applications of Raman Microscopic Imaging’.

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It was Sir C V Raman who famously looked at the sea and wondered why it was blue. He was awarded a Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930 for discovering Raman Light Scattering, the principle that explains why the sea is blue, and the principle that lies behind all the modern Raman spectroscopy methods used today.

From the origin of the technique in the 1920’s until 30 years ago, Raman spectroscopy was used primarily to complement IR for the measurement of molecular symmetry and structure in gas, liquid and solid phases, with occasional forays into relatively simple (but not easy!) biophysical systems including protein, nucleic acid and lipid structure. More recently, the coupling of optical microscopes to Raman spectrometers has permitted the study of substantially more complex biomedical problems including the biochemistry of single cells and the characterization of disease states in tissues.

The current presentation will briefly introduce the application of confocal Raman microscopy to topics of interest in skin science including the determination of permeation mechanisms for exogenous materials as well as the tracking of prodrug-to-drug interactions in skin. Technical difficulties inherent in the measurements will be enumerated while potentially useful future directions will be noted as time permits.

Prof Richard Mendelsohn is an Emeritus Professor at Rutgers University and expert on vibrational spectroscopies and their use in biological systems. He is also a long-standing friend and supporter of TRI Princeton. Many scientists in TRI have been recruited from Richard’s laboratories, including the present Director of Skin and Biosubstrates, Dr Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud.


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To register for free for this first seminar, click here.

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