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TRI Hair Course is Back in May: Now 100% On-Line

After taking a COVID break in 2020 and 2021, the “TRI Fundamentals of Hair Science and Hair Claims” course is back on Wednesday May 11th to Friday May 13th , 2022. This time the course will be available live on line and on playback. Register your place right now and get early-bird discounts.

We can’t believe it has been over two years since we last held a full TRI hair course! The last two-day course was run in Liverpool, UK, in March 2019. Then COVID struck in Spring 2020, forcing us to cancel plans for the next two-day course in June 2020 in Red bank, NJ.

Since then, we have all started to become more used to on-line conferences and courses, and the first live on-line TRI Skin Measurement Science course took place in October 2021. This course received glowing reviews, giving us confidence that, perhaps, an on-line hair course will work very well, and make our training programs more accessible to students and scientists from all around the world.

The “TRI Fundamentals of Hair Science and Hair Claims” course is an introductory course designed for graduate and post-graduate level cosmetic scientists who need to build their knowledge in hair science and claims substantiation. The course program has been completely refreshed, bringing on more expert speakers from TRI, and introducing the latest hair measurement techniques and discoveries. A course agenda can be found on the registration site at

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