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Coming Next in TRI Training Talks

On next Wednesday, April 21st we will have the presentation from Dr. Samuel Gourion Arsiquaud titled “FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy Tests to Measure Active Penetration Into Skin and Hair”. You can subscribe in the following link

If you interested in investigating the behavior of your active ingredient inside the skin or hair fiber, want to evaluate or compare your formulation or, if you are looking for a new approach to communicate the qualities of your final products, you should not miss this training talk!

Vibrational imaging spectroscopy has been used to characterize various biological tissues including skin, teeth, and bone. A specific advantage of this technique is that it can generate “molecular histology” images of the sample analyzed without any probe or stain.

During this training talk, Samuel will highlight the versatility of this method by describing different applications relevant to skin and hair care science, such as:

• Visualize active penetration and diffusion along the hair fibers

• Visualize active penetration inside human skin

• Evaluate and compare sunscreen formulation (encapsulation technology, film former, skin penetration of UV filters)

• 3D face mapping to visualize the behavior of skin product overtime

Please join us to learn more about these incredible spectroscopy methods and how to apply them for hair and skin claims substantiation.

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