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This month Dr Paul Cornwell from TRI Princeton took part in an on-line panel discussion organised by the IFSCC about the new book ‘Discovering Cosmetic Science’

Why bother writing a book introducing people to world of cosmetic science? That was the question posed by the moderator, Perry Romanowski (Education Chair, IFSCC) at the Webinar organised by the IFSCC on 2nd December. It turned-out that there were many good reasons that had driven Steve Barton (Editor, and Past President and Fellow of the UK Society of Cosmetic Chemists) to create this unique book. Everything from educating the public and the media on the science behind designing and manufacturing cosmetic products, to encouraging young people to think of a career in the industry, to dispelling some of the myths and fake news about cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients that exist on the internet. To the full discussion and debate go to

Those on the panel were Steve Barton (Skin Thinking Ltd), Paul Cornwell (TRI Princeton), Rachael Polowyj (IMCD), Jane Cunningham ( and Emma Meredith (Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumery Association, UK).

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This month Dr Paul Cornwell presented at the Hair Tech Conference organised by the Brazilian Society of Cosmetology (Associação Brasileira de Cosmetologia, ABC).

This year, with COVID still wreaking havoc on conference programmes, the Brazilian Society of Cosmetology decided to run their popular hair science conference completely on-line. The Hair Tech Conference ran over two sessions on the 2nd and 3rd of December and attracted delegates from all over South America and beyond.

Dr Paul Cornwell from TRI Presented on ‘Breakage in textured Hair: Investigating the causes and solutions.’ For those who missed Dr Cornwell’s presentation, a copy is available in the TRI Library for TRI Member Companies and library members .

We would like to thank the President of the Brazilian Society, Prof. Vânia Leite, and the conference organiser, Ana Carolina Ribeiro, for inviting TRI to take part. Fingers crossed TRI staff can visit Brazil in-person for next year’s conference.

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TRI Princeton is widely known for skin and hair claims testing and serves hundreds of clients from all around the world. In a recent article, in Cosmetics and Toiletries Magazine, Dr Trefor Evans, from TRI, provides valuable, expert advice on hair claims testing methods and equipment.

Companies come to TRI Princeton for skin and hair claims testing for a wide variety of reasons. Some need access to our advanced instrumentation and expert scientists. Some need to outsource work when their own labs are too busy. However, many come to TRI because they don’t have their own hair testing facilities, and they need data to help support their product launches. What these clients value, is the unbiased, expert, scientific advice they get from the TRI team on what tests to perform and what protocols to follow. As a not-for-profit research institute, TRI is in the unique position to be able to give completely impartial, technical advice on testing methods.

In his recent article in Cosmetics and Toiletries , Dr Trefor Evans gives his advice on how to perform some of the most widely used claim support techniques used in the hair care category: combing friction tests, single fibre tensile tests, single fibre fatigue tests, dynamic vapour sorption tests and differential scanning calorimetry tests. For anyone wanting to build their own testing capabilities, Trefor also guides readers to the leading equipment suppliers.

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